📫Free delivery to SG for orders over $80📫
📫Free delivery to SG for orders over $80📫
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The Story About Us ☕

We are a growing community of men now living their best shower life 😎 and this is our secret... 🤫

In this community we are all moved by the same questions :
🥱 Why are men still having boring showers ?
🧴 Why do men still use the big family-pack body wash ?
🏭 Or the soap full of chemicals showcased on TV?
🌿 Why can’t men have their own natural soap ?
💪 Is showering with high quality natural soap not manly ?

Here is what’s missing, a brand that is able to raise the bar of every men’s shower. Every man deserves a bar of natural soap, a better shower and a better life. That’s what we believe at MOJOMOJO. Raise the bar with us 🚀

MOJOMOJO is a family business operating from Singapore and Cambodia 🌏

The bars are produced in Cambodia by curated partners complying with top international manufacturing standards ✅ (HSA & ASEAN Cosmetic Directive). The natural ingredients are sourced locally from well-known Cambodian regions like Siem Reap countryside, Mondulkiri Jungle and Kampot mangrove.

Speaking of composition, the bars are actually created with natural super-ingredients such as: coconut oil, aloe vera, peppermint, charcoal powder, spirulina, turmeric powder, glycerin and so many other essential and natural oils.

We then ship to Singapore to our warehouse for safe storage and efficient dispatch 🚚

At MOJOMOJO we have a strong commitment towards each step of the value chain, all must be retributed fairly. We value close relationships with our partners as much as with our customers 🤝.

MOJOMOJO is a brand crafted for men who feel great changing their everyday habits for a more natural lifestyle 🙋‍♂️ and it begins with skincare routine.

Join now the MOJOMOJO community of men who have made the switch to natural bar soap and are now living their best shower life 🤩