📫Free delivery to SG for orders over $80📫
📫Free delivery to SG for orders over $80📫
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FAQ - All the assistance you need 🤝

🚚 My Order 

What’s my order status?
To find out when your MOJOMOJO Order is being delivered click here and key in your Tracking Number.

What’s my Tracking Number?
Your Tracking Number is provided in the Order Confirmation email. It is composed of a few digits. To know your order status click here.

Do I need to be home for the delivery?
No you don’t need to, MOJOMOJO Orders will be delivered at your doorstep. Pick it up when you’re back and free your mojo!

Can I modify/cancel my order?
We can only guarantee modification/cancellation for 30 minutes after placing the Order. Please contact us ASAP.

💡 Product Recommendations

Which MOJOMOJO soap for daily use?
The best bars for everyday use are:

Each has great properties and scent, you’ll find your favorite!

Exfoliating, really?
Not yet discovered the awesome feeling and benefits of gentle scrubbing? Forget the stereotype and test by yourself COCO CHARCOAL, exfoliating bar soap. Scrub gently and you’ll feel fantastic. This is a revolution, as one said.

Any recommendation for rather dry/sensitive skin?
Worry not, all MOJOMOJO bar soaps are naturally moisturizing. That said if you wish for an extra nourishing bar soap, go for ALOHA ALOE, nourishing bar soap. It rejuvenates your skin with the highly nourishing power of Aloe Vera.

And what's the best bar for oily skin?
If you want to keep the oiliness in control but also remove dirt and impurities we recommend the SUPER SQUEEZED SET or the TONIC SET. These two sets will keep your skin vitalised, protected and ready for the day!

How long does the bar last?

The record holder took 37 showers with only one MOJOMOJO bar. Our bar soaps last on average 3 to 4 weeks on daily use. The longevity differs from one to another : amount of lather, frequency of use, body hair…
Maximise the use of your bar soap with these
best practices.

Crafted for Men but good for Women or Children?

Free your mojo is not about age nor sexe ! Founders' wives use MOJOMOJO soap daily and love it. Our natural bar soaps have a pH of 8, which is neutral.

🎁 Promotions 

Do you offer special Promo Code for first timers?
Of course, any new customer deserves a reward! Check our Wheel of Fortune and get your Promo Code.

Other available discounts?
Buy more, save more!

  • Go Bundles: buy in bundle and save up to 20%
  • Go Volume: buy in volume the same bar and save up to 15%

✅ Product Quality Check 

And the ingredient list is… NATURAL!

  • COCO CHARCOAL, exfoliating bar soap: water, coconut oil, olive oil, glycine soybean oil, sesame seed oil, lye, coconut charcoal powder, eucalyptus leaf oil
  • SQUEEZED CITRUS, Refreshing bar soap: coconut oil, water, glycine soybean oil, olive oil, lye, kaffir lime oil, sesame seed oil, rice bran oil, spirulina powder, tocopherol, limonene.
  • MINT TONIC, Energising bar soap: coconut oil, water, glycine soybean oil, turmeric root extract, annatto seed extract, olive oil, lye, peppermint oil, sesame seed oil, Asian rice bran oil, tocopherol
  • ALOHA ALOE, Nourishing bar soap: coconut oil, water, glycine soybean oil, olive oil,  lye, sesame seed oil,  Asian rice bran oil,  aloe vera leaf juice powder, rice ferment filtrate, glycerin, tocopherol, sodium benzoate.
Where are the products sourced?

Our products are made in the Kingdom of Cambodia. MOJOMOJO’s co-founder has been living there for years and has sourced the best local providers ensuring compliance with international high quality standards. The ingredients are coming directly from all Cambodian regions like the Mondulkiri jungle, Siem Reap countryside and Kampot Mangroove. Some ingredients have been sourced in other neighbours’ countries in Southeast Asia like Thailand and Vietnam.

Are the soaps “antibacterial”?
That’s the trendy word, we know. While our products are not formulated to be antibacterial, research attests that there is no clear evidence that “antibacterial” soaps are more effective to prevent illness, get rid of bacterias and keep a good hygiene. More info in the New York Times article.

Since you asked, most antibacterial soap contains Triclosan, a chemical potentially harmful for human health and the environment. More info in the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore declaration

You want to stay clean and healthy, stick to MOJOMOJO natural bar soap!

Fair trade, Vegan and Cruelty-free!
YES, YES and YES, these three criteria are essential requirements when choosing our partners. We believe these shall become standards in today customers’ buying habits.

🔒 Billing 

What Payment Methods do you accept?

Payment methods accepted by mojomojo

How to identify MOJOMOJO on a bank statement after a purchase?
On your bank statement you’ll identify your purchase as "mojomojo.sg".