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The one and only day you must laugh at all your Dad’s jokes.

Better be prepared… MOJOMOJO has curated the worst dad’s jokes we could remember.
We have to say, some are really funny (or not)! See… Let’s get you in the mood!

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Me: I’m hungry!
Dad: Hey Hungry, I’m Dad!

Dad: Do you know crabs and lobsters never share?
Me: Really?
Dad: Well, they’re too SHELLFISH.

Dad: Have you heard of the restaurant on the moon?
Me: No, really?
Dad: There is great food, but no atmosphere.

Dad: When you’re cold, sit in a corner!
Me: Why?
Dad: Cuz it’s 90 degrees!

Dad: Do you know why the bike cannot stand up by itself?
Me: Nah, why?
Dad: It’s two-tyred!

Dad: What do you call a deer with no eyes?
Me: …
Dad: No I-D-EA!

Dad: When I was your age I had two dogs named “Timex” and “Rolex”. They were watchdogs!

Dad: Do you know where the first French Fries were cooked?
Me: Easy, in France?
Dad: Well, actually cooked in GREECE!

Dad: What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you?
Me: …
Dad: NA-CHO cheese!

Dad: I bet you will never see elephants hiding in the trees. Normal... They’re too good at it!

Hope you enjoyed, and before you leave, for Father’s Day shop the KING SET - ALL IN NATURAL BAR SOAP BUNDLE by MOJOMOJO.

IMPORTANT : Order before 15th of June and get delivered right on time!


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